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Hospitality Technology

Why Automation (or Any Tech) is Difficult to Sell to Hospitality Sector - By Ryan Haynes

Automation can make a significant difference to businesses in the travel and hospitality sectors. After all, this is a sector with a high volume of manual processes, ripe for transformation through automation. So why might you be struggling to sell automation to travel and hospitality businesses if you’re a tech seller?

Artificial Intelligence

How AI Will Affect Paid Search for Hoteliers - By Valentina Suarez

Google has already seen success with their own AI implementations, including their fully AI-powered Performance Max ads, which have seen ‘on average over 18% more conversions at a similar cost per action’ vs. other paid search ads.

Business Intelligence

Unlock the Potential of the Hotel with Business Intelligence

With vast amounts of data at the fingertips - from guest behavior or guest sentiments to intricate sales metrics - the capability to transform these data into actionable insights or strategies is truly indispensable. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the idea of hotel business intelligence and everything that you need to know to leverage this powerful tool.

Hotel Online Bookings

Maximizing Direct Bookings: The Impact of Enhanced Online Visibility for Hotels

The travel and tourism industry continues to be highly competitive, with people eager to travel again and hotels and chains vying for business against online travel agencies, vacation rentals, and booking sites. After the pandemic in 2021, Google searches for hotels increased by 92%. According to statistics, more than 90% of travelers will do research online, and 82% will complete their booking online.

Sales And Catering Management Platform

6 Ways a Venue Directory Can Help Boost Your Property's Event Bookings

In the bustling world of event planning, the competition to attract clientele and host the most sought-after events has become fiercer than ever. If you own or manage a hotel with event space, the challenge becomes not just about offering an immaculate space but also about ensuring potential clients find and choose your venue over others. This is where the magic of a venue directory comes into play.