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Articles from Hotel Industry Experts presented by Hotel News Resource

Direct Bookings For Hotels

4 Simple Strategies to Boost Your Direct Bookings

When it comes to enhancing direct bookings, having a top-notch Booking Engine is just the beginning. Having an effective marketing plan comes into hand to help you drive more bookings.

Hotel Marketing

Unleashing Unreasonable Hospitality: 3 Tips To Human Centric Marketing - By Kate Lochridge

I recently heard Will Guidara speak about his new book, Unreasonable Hospitality: The Remarkable Power of Giving People More Than They Expect. I brought this idea to the HSMAI Marketing Advisory Board to talk about how this concept impacts our work and think about the intersection of technology and the people centric nature of hospitality.

Hotel Revenue Management

First Class Revenue: Optimizing Your Premium Inventory - By Anthony Rose

Like a first-class seat on an airplane, dynamically optimizing upgraded room classes can unlock significant revenue potential. As an industry what best practices could be applied to maximize the RevPAR growth opportunity this presents? I recently brought this question to the HSMAI Revenue Optimization Rising Leader Council for collaboration.

Market Report Florida Panhandle

HVS Market Report - The Florida Panhandle Remains a Top-Tier Destination - By Hannah McManus

The Florida Panhandle remains popular among hotel developers and investors given the strength of the market in the post-pandemic period. An easy-to-reach destination for drive-to and out-of-state travelers alike, this Gulf Coast region has been a hotbed of activity for construction and transactions in the traditional-model hotel space since the summer of 2020.