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Topic - Direct Bookings For Hotels

Direct Bookings For Hotels

4 Simple Strategies to Boost Your Direct Bookings

When it comes to enhancing direct bookings, having a top-notch Booking Engine is just the beginning. Having an effective marketing plan comes into hand to help you drive more bookings.

Direct Bookings For Hotels

7 Awesome Tips To Improve Your Hotel's Direct Bookings

A number of key trends including travellers’ shift to mobile bookings, revenge travel & staycation search along with good reputation play a key role to drive direct hotel bookings.

Direct Bookings For Hotels

The Brave New World of Booking Direct - By Grace Azcarate

Over much of the last decade, OTAs (online travel agencies) have become the most common way that people book hotels. These companies streamlined the booking process and added convenient features (such as easy price comparison) at a time when most hotels lacked an effective digital presence. As the OTAs’ share of bookings grew, they were able to charge higher commissions, meaning less revenue for the hotels themselves. In response, many hoteliers took a stance to win business back and reclaim direct bookings. However, the COVID-19 pandemic prompted a huge shake-up in the travel industry.

Direct Bookings For Hotels

The Push for Direct Bookings: Hotels Can Have It Both Ways - PhocusWire

Numerous reports suggest that hotels have seen a swing towards consumers booking direct as lockdown restrictions ease and travel resume. There are various reasons for this, ranging from trust that had existed pre-pandemic with brands or consumers visiting websites of hotel properties to learn more about the safety and hygiene protocols being put in place.

Direct Bookings For Hotels

The Battle For Direct Bookings Is Hand-to-Hand Combat, Not Aerial Strafing - By Doug Kennedy

For years now, hotels have been fighting desperately to win back market share from third parties such as Online Travel Agencies and thus reduce the cost of customer acquisition. Huge sums are spent on strategic initiatives such as ad campaigns, updating guest loyalty programs, improving organic and paid SEO, making sure the website tells the hotel’s story and ensuring a smooth journey from looking-to-booking.